Recycling of waste paper

How can people recycle paper at home?

1. Use it as mulch or compost

Waste paper is a vital ingredient of a healthy compost heap. If you don’t have the space (or time) to build one yourself then you can still recycle paper as mulch. Simply tear it into small strips and place it around your plants.
Recycling paper in this way helps to keep the soil in your garden moist and adds nutrients to it too.

2. Use old newspapers to clean windows

For sparkling windows, nothing beats newspaper, it’s better than any microfibre cloth at getting windows shining and streak-free.

3. Use it as packing material

Use paper packaging and old newspapers to bulk out boxes when packing items to move house, putting items into storage, or sending gifts to friends.
Wrap delicate items in newspaper and scrunch up other items of used paper or cardboard to fill gaps in the box and protect your valuables.

4. Use it as wrapping paper

This is a great way to use old comics, sheet music or even plain brown packaging paper – just add some twine or strip of coloured scrap fabric for a simple, eco-friendly finish. Alternatively, you could get more creative with some clever DIY present wrapping ideas using old paper.

5. Use it as shelf liner or organiser

Place old, clean sheets of newspaper inside cutlery drawers, at the bottom of fruit and veg drawers in your fridge or even in the boot of your car to help absorb odours, moisture and keep things clean.

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